I just passed my uk driving test?

I just passed my uk driving test?

Can someone please tell me how i could buy a car, put insurance, tax and M.O.T with it as i dont understand how it works.also how does this car insurance groups work?all in detail please as im a beginnercheers

HOW TO BUY A CARGo onto the Auto Trader website or Piston Heads classified website to look for a car that you want. All you have to do is type in your post code, your budget, what car you want, and how far you are willing to travel to view the car. After you find the car you really like and want to view, contact the owner of the car. Ask questions about the car e.g.1) Does the car have FULL SERVICE HISTORY (FSH)2) How long is the M.O.T?3) When does the road tax expire?4) Is it HPI clear?BEFORE BUYING A CAR MAKE SURE YOU TAKE AN EXPERT WITH YOU TO TEST THE CAR AND INSPECT IT!!INSURANCEGo onto comparison website such as Go Compare etc...To get a cheap quote...1) Buy yourself a small car like a 1.0L car2) If you don't want a small car you could always put your dad or mum or any1 that you know has a lot of no claims bonuses on the insurance policy as 1st driver. You could go 2nd or 3rd.TAXGo to a post office. Make sure you take with you...1) V5 Log Book2)M.O.T certificate3) I.D5) Motor Insurance Certificate6) Tell the person behind the counter if you want 6 months Road Tax or 12 months Road Tax and Pay them. You will recieve your road tax straight away there and then.M.O.TTake your car to a local garage (shop around to look for best price) M.O.T's are roughly ?40 but if you car fails M.O.T they will charge you extra for the work that needs to be done to the car and also may charge you again to do the M.O.T. M.O.T is very important and is NO.1 in my list.INSURANCE GROUPThis depends on the Car performance and capacity of the engine.Remember... your better off buying a car with a small engine like 1.0 or 1.1 or 1.2. Insurance companies mainly look at...!) If you are male or female. = If your a male your quote will be higher then a female2) You Post Code = Insurance companies look to see where you will and the crime rate in your area3) Age = The younger you are the more expensive. If you are aged 25+ You should be fine but if you are 17-20 your quotes will be high!4) The Car = The companies look at the cars performance, engine size, mileage, value of the car, age of the car and how much miles you will cover yearly.Source(s):Meee =D



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