I need advice on becoming a insurance agent?

I need advice on becoming a insurance agent?

My dad is an insurance agent and I would like to become one to. How do I get a licence? Is there an age limit? Could I do it part time to start with? Do I need to study a book?


Look to your dad as your best resource. If he is an agent he'll be able to tell you more about being one than anyone else. He'll either be flattered that you want to emulate him or else will tell you you're completely out of your mind.Source(s):Independent Agent


as mentioned your Dad is your best source of info.1. Look up your States Dept of insurance and look for licensing division. They will have what you need in info to study for the tests. How, why , where and when.Get your booksstudyGo to prelicensing classTake your testsGet your licenseJust make sure you have a job when your done.P.S. I worked for my dad's agency for 10 years.Made the "ol man proud!Source(s):Agent 37 years


two weeks ago I register in the independent insurance agents school where I live in, to take a pre-licensing class in property and casualty insurance, that lasts one week, 7 hours a day, then take the pre-licensing test and get a certificate, then take the state test to get a license.Depending on what state you live at, check online to find some more information.


To sell auto and home insurance, you'll need to get a Property and Casualty License (AKA a P&C license). Companies in your area probably offer classes. You can check online. How it works is you go to the classes and then take a test. If you pass you get your license. I don't know if there is an age limit. My guess is that you have to be at least 18, maybe 21. To break into the business, you might start off as a "producer", meaning you work for an agent that already has an established business. Or you can get a job with an insurance company. Different companies have different programs and requirements.Source(s):I used to work for a large insurance company and I used to have my P&C license.


You have to get licensed, and find companies that will do business with you. Then find customers.An agents license is pretty easy to get - pass the test and background check. The best bet is to start working for an established company like State Farm or Allstate until you can afford your own agency.





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