I need help with choosing the best type of lawyer for the type of accident I went through, ?

I need help with choosing the best type of lawyer for the type of accident I went through, ?

I need a lawyer for an accident that I was in for another person ran into me and is at fault and he did not have auto insurance and the damages as well cost of the accident is very large I need to know what kind of lawyers in arizona deal with these kind of cases, as well is there steps that I can take to deal with this?


First, you need to be injured before an attorney would even consider it. Second, you need to have uninsured motorist coverage for an attorney to consider it. If you have the two above then any "personal injury" attorney will be kissing your feet to represent you.


latzky, I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I was injured once in Georgia when a truck backed over my left foot at work. My employer tried to settle with me fast because they knew it wasn't my fault. I called a nearby personal injury lawyer in my city who gave me great advice and I was able to get a small settlement to cover my hosptial bills that weren't covered by my work insurance. I'd suggest you find a personal injury in Arizona. http://www.accidentlawyerlocator.com/Ari… My lawyer was help me because they hope to make some money from any potential case. Try calling a accident lawyer to see if they can help.Good Luck


Hi, sorry to hear about this! Hope it'll somehow work out to be better than it seems. I just read about these peoplehttp://locate-power-of-attorney.info/ you basically contact them with your info, they'll post it to their lawyers who will choose to offer their services (or not) and how much it'll cost etc. you then check their background on the site and choose who to hire.You are not obliged to hire anyone either and the site is free so you might as well try it, good luck.Source(s):http://www.google.com



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