I think I've been scamed by a auto warranty firm,Can I stop the charge?

I think I've been scamed by a auto warranty firm,Can I stop the charge?

I was looking for auto warranty insurance,and this company sounded legit,till I came across a guy that said he got scammed $192.00 down payment then wait for the policy? I did this 9-22-09,I put it on my Citi card.They made some off remarks,when I called back that same day,to cancel they changed my program to a longer period for the same cost,,I don'-t feel right about this what can I do?

Contact customer service for your card right now and tell them to stop payments to that company, because you think they scammed you.The sudden policy change looks kind of shady to me.Check out http://www.bbb.org. They have a list of companies and how reliable they are.


Contact yuo Credit card company and ask to dispute the charge. tell them that you believe it to be a fraudlant transaction as the company misrepresented the product and refused to give you a refund.Contact the company...And tell them you want to cancel the contract. Send a letter to the company certified asking to be canceled..Finally..visit www.autowarrantyrankings.com and send them an email of the company so they can make it known to stay away from this company.



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