I want the cheapest Liability only Insurance possible for my car. Which company should I go to?

I want the cheapest Liability only Insurance possible for my car. Which company should I go to?

I am based in MN, if it depends on the state.


Here are some web sites that can help you find the best rate from multiple companies. They will get you competitive quotes. No cost, no obligation.http://necessaryvirtues.com/recommends/i…http://necessaryvirtues.com/recommends/i…


you haven't given us enough info


The Hartford.


It doesn't depend on state. It depends on your credit score, age, driving record, years licensed, street address, and what kind of car you drive.Try Progressive.


I dont know what state your from, But the cheapest Liability insurance is with FARM Bereau. They Have the cheapest in Mississippi.


The company that quotes you the lowest price.Sorry couldnt resist.....


There are web sites that give you online rates and comparisons



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