I want to open a race track in the tampa bay area. How do I find investors?

I want to open a race track in the tampa bay area. How do I find investors?

Im trying to put a closed track racing track in the tampa bay area to get all the kids off the street, street racing.Im not looking to be a millionaire overnight, I just want to do something I love (racing) and try to cut down on the number of kids getting killed in street racing accidents. If you think you can help please let me know.


How far have you gone in your research? Do you have property? Do you have all your permits? Insurance?, etc. It will be more appealing to any investor if you have these things in place with the City and County first. Have you worked on any kind of proposal to present to investors?Ideas:Contact other track owners.Hit anywhere that has anything to do with cars (ie: dealers, auto repair, car washes, parts stores, .. you get the hint)Solicit help from the kids themselves, have them put the word out. I have known success stories just because a kid talked to a relative.I live in South Florida myself and believe you have a good idea and that your heart is in the right place. I will try to come up with some other ideas.Best of luck to you! :)



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