I was hit by a drunk driver help?

I was hit by a drunk driver help?

So I was hit by a drunk driver. Totaled my car. They were arrested by cops for DUI that night. But the prices is kind of confusing. I went to police station to file a motion to get the police report with all their info on there to to give to my insurance company. What should be my steps on attacking this situation I have no car now for work or to get around. I went to doctor for stiffness in shoulders that night ( recently had shoulder surgery) I have geico. What should I be doing before court date? To get a settlement and a new car or something


Well, as for a rental car while you're without your own car, do you have that specific coverage in your auto policy? If so, great. All you need to do is contact an agent, and get it arranged. If not, then you're kind of out of luck unless you can get the other driver's insurance to take care of it, but DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING WITHOUT AN ATTORNEY AS YOU CAN EASILY BE TRICKED INTO SIGNING AWAY YOUR RIGHTS! Otherwise, you'll have to bear the expense until you make a settlement. You need an attorney, and get advice on exactly what you need to do to proceed. But, let your insurance company do their job, too. Again, sign nothing without an attorney, and being cleared by an attorney to do so after they read what you are signing! Be careful. Take care! Good luck!Source(s):Thought. Education. Knowledge.



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