I was involve in auto accident and other insurance company wants to total my car?

I was involve in auto accident and other insurance company wants to total my car?

There offereing less than what i think my car is worth. Do I have to accept their offer and loose out? What can i do to get a fair replacement value for my car. I have a 97 Tacoma extra cab and insurance company oofer $5100. Looking at craigslist i can'-t similier truck for that price.


Unfortunately, you will need to do a little legwork on this one. First, did your vehicle have high or low mileage for the age (about 12,000 miles per year average figure). Was it in spotless condition? Did it have any rust (those Toyota pickups have excellent motors but rust out terribly)? These things will lower the offer. Craigslist may not help too much with your price. Go to kbb.com or nada.com & put in all the info on your car (& be honest about the condition). This will give you a starting point for theh value. Then, go to used car lots in your area & look in the paper & actually find vehicles that are your year & condition & present that to the company. If you did any restoration of the body to put it in better condition than the average 1997 Tacoma, show the receipts. I hope this helps you.


Go to the BLUEBOOK< it's available ON_LINE. There you can find out exactly what your vehicle was worth. Then you'll know exactly what you can demand ($$$$$) to replace it !!! You can also get funds for everyday you are w/o the use of your vehicle -- for a truck which has to pull a trailer that's about $91 per day (perhaps more). There is only ONE place you can rent a truck that is allowed to pull a trailer & that is from: NATIONAL TRUCK RENTAL (the company that rents lots of trucks by the day for people who want to move their own furniture & belonging or need a truck for other purposes!!! Our own insurance only paid $30 a day when we needed a truck to pull a trailer, so we were lucky we had an extra vehicle, an older stationwagon with a trailer hitch to pull our trailer for our business -- as $61 per day + tax ($98 per day) would have killed us financially !!! And it took us 2-months to get all the repairs done on our truck !!!!!!!!! That particular wreck was techniquely my husband's "fault" as he was "WAVED" ACROSS (known as 'THE WAVE of DEATH by Ins. Companies) -- a woman darted out of the line of cars & altho she could've swearved & missed him she was a POOR driver and hit him broadside (she had a huge driveway in which she coul've swerved and missed him, but she was in a huge hurry to "BEAT THE LIGHT" -- aren't they ALL !!!!!!!!!!! I was crippled by a jerk in a similar situation only I was sitting at a red light and the JERK was wanting to get thru the turn lane's green light -- I was blocking the turn lane! He TOTALLY 4-VEHICLES & 1-BOAT !!! And CRIPPLED ME for LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's just gotten off probation 3-mo earlier for the same thing!!! He got another slap on the risk for RUINING MY LIFE & the LIVES of MY FAMILY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (He's a TAR-HEAL living in SW FLA , near or in ESTERO, his initials are T.C.[Capt.?) -- perhaps some day I'll run into him (no pun intended). He got a $140(?) fine & a WALK !!!The other guy's insurance should pay for your car/truck rental though, and you can force them to, do not "settle" for what they "offer" you -- MAKE THEM PAY YOU THE FULL BLUEBOOK VALUE of your VEHICLE !!!!!!! Your ATTORNEY should be handling this and all other details like it -- as I hope you are sueing the _ _ _ for whatever you can get !!!!! And when it's all settled (and also now) --- THANK GOD (pray to HIM & THANK Him for giving you your life and body back WHOLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) YOU WEREN'T CRIPPLED or KILLED and FORCED to LIVE in CONSTANT AGONY as I am !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Everybody: Find out how much RENTAL CAR COVERAGE you have on your policy in case you ever need a vehicle as the other guy isn't always insured for that and you may have to pay for a vehicle out of your own pocket!!! Most policies only provide $20 of coverage per day !!!!!! And that's only if you have FULL COVERAGE !!!!!Source(s):RETIRED,CRIPPLE, NURSE in S.W. FLA. (Jan. 22, 1999 !!! The day my life techniquely ENDED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on U.S.41 in ESTERO at BROADWAY STREET !!!!!!!!!!!!) Barbie -- I was a pretty young woman at the time !!!!! With my whole life ahead of me -- what would have been a happy, wonderful life!!!! If "T _ _ _" didnt decide to be a drunken druggie and RUIN MY LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DID YOU HAVE THAT RIGHT "P L A T T E R" ????????????????


Look at the blue book and talk to YOUR insurance agent. One of the benefits of having insurance is you have somebody to do your legal wrangling for you. The first offer is always low so the adjusters can clear their in basket.


You have a choice to settle this claim. Thats pretty much all you have to do is tell them what the blue book is on it, or you can tell them they either give you a "fair" price so you can get the exact same vehicle or you will not settle. They have a certain time frame they MUST settle this claim by law. I have been thru the same thing, as many others i know. They want you to settle as low as you are willing to. INSIST they give you NO LESS THAN THE BLUE BOOK! dont forget to add any upgrades aswell, like a radio you added or anything else that will add value to the blue book.Source(s):Been there and done that!!


What they do is take the same vehicle and compare it to approx. ten others in the area. They take the prices and get a median figure. They also take into consideration the condition and the mileage of the vehicle. For a 97, that's not bad.Source(s):recently in accident


There are 7 on ebay. Find one that has about the same features and mileage and email the link to your claim rep.


um..hello...then cancel the deal. if that's Not what you were looking for, don't go for it cuz that's how ICBC scams you.



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