I was involved in an auto accident where the other driver was at fault. I live in Memphis TN.?

I was involved in an auto accident where the other driver was at fault. I live in Memphis TN.?

I called 911 and the sherrif arrived within minutes and began the investigation. The other driver did have insurance and so did I. It was determined that the other driver was at fault and they were issued a ticket. After leaving the local ER I contacted my insurance provider to report the accident. I was informed that I would be filing a claim against the other drivers insurance which I did. As it turns out both myself and the other driver have the same insurance provider. Initially I was told that there would be no issues with filing the claim, having my car repaired and getting a rental car while my car is in the shop.After the claims adjuster realized that we both had the same insurance, PGAC, I was told that the other drivers policy was active and in good standing but they had been dropped from the policy within the past few weeks.If in fact they were dropped from the policy can I still file a claim against the insured vehicle.Can the insurance company force me to file a claim against my own policy and pay the deductable, medical bills, copays, and cost to rent a car?Is the car insured or the driver?If someone knowingly lets a driver use thier car aren'-t they liable for any damages that may arise if the other driver gets into an auto accident.Do I need to hire an attorney at this point?Seems like I am getting the run around ever since the insurance company realized that the other driver is also insured by them.Please advise!


Do you have an insurance agent or is this some online company? If you have an agent, talk to him/her -- that's what they are for, to help their policyholders. The car is insured, but there are "named drivers" on the policy. However, if a named driver gives someone permission to use the car, the policy should cover it.



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