If I use a pleasure vehicle on a two car policy to commute temporarily, am I still covered?

If I use a pleasure vehicle on a two car policy to commute temporarily, am I still covered?

If I were to drive a vehicle that was disclosed as a pleasure vehicle on a multi car auto policy to commute while the commuter vehicle on the policy was being repaired, will I still be covered for instances such as collision or animal strikes?Thanks in advance!


In the USA, Yes of course.....If.....To have others property covered it would need liability, .to have the car covered, it would need collision insurance to have an animal strike covered it would need comprehensive.


Since when have insurance companies been on your side. If your car is insured for pleasure only and then you have an accident in the middle of a daily commute do you think they are going to pay out?As with all things to do with policy variations check with the insurer and if possible get an answer in writing BEFORE you do it.A verbal agreement ain't worth the paper it's written on


Nick,If you have collision coverage on the "pleasure vehicle" then yes. It is that simple. Take a look at your policy premium statement, it will spell out exactly what you have on both your vehicles.



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