If im a resident of Arizona, but currently dwell in New Mexico, which state do i purchase insurance from?

If im a resident of Arizona, but currently dwell in New Mexico, which state do i purchase insurance from?

I'-m a temporary resident of NM. I still have an AZ license and tags. From which state should I purchase medical and auto insurance from? Thanks for the help.


it solely depends on how long you will be dwelling in NM.,,, you are allowed some time but not much, see their website


You purchase insurance in the state you live in and you said you dwell in New Mexico so purchase insurance in New Mexico but then you will have to get a New Mexico driver's license, new plates, new registration so the easy way out would be to purchase insurance in Arizona since your car is probably registered there and you have an Arizona driver's license. If insurance is a lot cheap in New Mexico which it may be, then you will have to get a new registration, plates and driver's license.You should know that anyone who lives near you in New Mexico can report you for not having the correct plates on your car if you still have the Arizona plates. There is a time limit as to how long you can dwell in a state before you change you registration and plates. It would benefit you to find out from the licensing bureau as to how long you can reside in N.M. before you have to change the plates, registration and driver's license.


You need the auto insurance policy that matches the tags, and you'll need that state inspection, also. Your driver's license should be in that state, and your tax returns, voter registration, and legal address would also be in that state. If that's the case, you'll need to purchase AZ health insurance, but be sure to get a plan with a network that will cover in while you are in NM."Temporary" is a vague word, but as long as, for example, you're a college student there, then your REAL address really is AZ.



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