If my car got keyed does the comprehensive insurance require a police report before they processs claim?

If my car got keyed does the comprehensive insurance require a police report before they processs claim?

My car got keyed all around every panel now will my auto insurance company require me to do a police report in order to process my comprehensive claim?


Depends on your policy


In most cases yes. Without your policy it is impossible to say for sure but it isn't going to hurt you to go ahead and get it.


it doesn't matter. always, *always* get a police report.


Why not just do one?


If you're filing a vandalism claim, then proof of vandalism is a police report.There is no vandalism claim without a police report. Yes, it will be required.


Well it certainly helps your claim to have a police report. If you refuse to get one, it may affect your claim negatively. They may think you're trying to commit fraud.



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