If you get convicted of a DWI in Texas, do you have to tell your car insurance right away?

If you get convicted of a DWI in Texas, do you have to tell your car insurance right away?

If you get convicted of a DWI in Texas, do you have to tell your car insurance right away or wait till they find out, and then raise the rates?I have a friend that heard a rumor that you have to file some sort of SR24 (not exactly what it is) with your car insurance or if you get in an accident and they find out you have one on your record, they won'-t pay for the car. I'-m confused, but dont want to hang ourselves either.


You don't have to tell them, they'll find out.That SR22 form is an endorsement on your auto policy - you USUALLY have to have it, if you've been driving WITHOUT insurance, or your license has been suspended. It's not triggered by the DUI, it's triggered by the suspension or lack of insurance.Yes, they'll find out about that DUI on their own - they're going to run a motor vehicle record check every time your policy renews, and they'll find it then. Don't listen to rumors. When in doubt, talk to your agent.Source(s):agent, 21+ years


An SR-22 is a requirement of the Dept of Motor Vehicles in many states when you have too many accidents, DUI (DWI) and the like. It shows the DMV that you have met your states requirements for minimum (at least) insurance coverage and financial responsibility. Your insurance will have to issue it and you will have to keep it on file at the DMV for at least 3 years in order to remain licensed.No sense in delaying the inevitable-contact your insurance company and let them know so that the SR-22 can be filed. They will find out eventually. Plus you don't want to compound your troubles by having your license suspended unecessarily.


Any change in insurablity needs to be reported to your carrier right away...if you have a claim and they find you have a DUI your coverage will be terminated....I hope the booze was worth it ....cause you've just began the pay back.....and its gonna be expensive....at least you didn't kill yourself worse yet someone else.


You did it so now fess up to the insurance co.They will be glad to hear from you.



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