If your auto insurance doctor says your are normal can you fight them back because i know i am sick?

If your auto insurance doctor says your are normal can you fight them back because i know i am sick?

I live in Canada and I was in a serious car accident. Diagnosed with several mental and physical problems since accident I been off from work my auto insurance asked me to see their doctor which I did and their doctor said I am fine I should go back to work now my family doctor disagree with this because I am in alot of pain can you fight back with the insurance company because obviosuly their doctor works for their benefits. Thank you


im not sure about canadian laws... but in the states u can always fight... you have ur doctor, and maybe you should even get a 3rd party opinion... go into a new doctor.. and flat out tell them "i need a third opinion on if im ready to return to work...." and have them fill out papers/write a letter saying their decision and why they came upon that decision.. if the insurance company will not compensate you for work time... because they think you should go back to work.. you have ur evidence in your two doctors saying that you were not ready and that you need more time... and that their (obviously) bias doctor gave an opinion on basis of who employed him/her...Dont let auto insurance companies walk all over you.. any way they can cut corners they will... if you do end up having to go to court... hire an attourny... the outcome will be better in your favor, or they will possibly settle. (usually how cases like this end)


I shouldn't be answering, bc i don't know a thing about Canada, but, if you can work, you should. If you didn't lose a limb, your life, etc., you really should just soldier on - grow up a little.Than said, if you really truly do have incapacitating injuries, you are probably going to need legal representation, along with multiple experts to document your problems.It's usually more expensive and costly in terms of time and energy than going back to work.If your diagnoses are from one of those "call 411 pain" places you really need to think again. . . they are just using you, and your greed, to make them a LOT of money



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