If your license has been suspended in VA, do you have to re-take the written part of the Driving Exam?

If your license has been suspended in VA, do you have to re-take the written part of the Driving Exam?

My suspension had to do with auto insurance. I didn'-t know that if you had a car in running condition, with tags still on it, and canceled the insurance, that it was a violation of VA driving laws. They suspended my license and now I have to keep a type of SR 22 on my auto insurance for 3 years.


no you dont have to retake the written part


No, you shouldn't have to take anything over again. Most license suspensions only require that the driver pay a fee and/or complete a portion of time before the license is re-instated.If VA is anything like NY, then a driver just has to pay a suspension termination fee.Source(s):Me - NYPD/14 Years.



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