I'm a uk resident living in Turkey. Where can I get an annual travel insurance policy?

I'm a uk resident living in Turkey. Where can I get an annual travel insurance policy?

which covers my return flights to the uk and travel around Turkey?


Try the local auto club ( RAC, AA ) in England, ( AIT ) in Turkey- I live in Switzerland and I am in the TCS ( Touring Club Swiss ) and I have an ETI travel insurance with them which covers me or my family any where in Europe ( the world for a bit extra ) whether I / we drive fly or train , it costs me about $70 for my membership and $60 for the ETI but it is well worth it as it is for all year and not just a couple of weeks like in England. Hope this helps.


A problem. If you have a UK address then you can get a policy to cover your travel. If you are registered as living in Turkey and need insurance for health cover this could be a problem. I had a similar problem in Germany, I couldn't get travel insurance from the UK as I didn't have an address there, and the cost of health insurance in Germany is a lot more than travel cover.


Try talking to large international Insurance companies like AXA, DKV, CIGNA



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