I'm in Georgia& I wanted to know if anybody knows where to find info on laws for auto insurance companies?

I'm in Georgia& I wanted to know if anybody knows where to find info on laws for auto insurance companies?

I was in an automobile accident and the other person insurance hasn'-t done anything for me and they only want to pay part of it and they wont provide me with a rental car. when it was totally their fault. Where do I find laws on insurance companies and georgia statues on what they have to do? anywebsites or resources would help


Was the other person at fault, 100%? If not, the insurance doesn't have to give you everything that you want. If it is a 50-50 thing, they pay half and you pay half. If there are 100% at fault, why isn't your insurance company helping you?


If I were you I would contact the Insurance Commissioner's office or the Department of Insurance (not sure which it would be called in GA) about that. You'll probably have to file a written complaint. You didn't tell us enough for us to comment as to whether the insurance company is doing you right or wrong.Source(s):claims person


Hey, that is exactly what is happening to me!One auto shop I went to for a repair quote said they'd phone my adjuster and make them give me a rental car.


get a lawyer, if it is undeniably their fault most will do it for little or no upfront money and then sue for lawyer costs as well as damages


first contact your insurance agent and ask his advice & helphe should be able to help you sort this outSource(s):ret agent



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