Im trying to become an actress and i would like to know should i move to new york or LA?

Im trying to become an actress and i would like to know should i move to new york or LA?

plz pick between the two unless you have a better place than these 2


Traditionally LA and NYC are the two top choices. Traditionally if you were interested in tv and film you went to LA and for theater, Broadway and commercials even, you went to NYC. There are pros and cons to both. NY is more expensive in terms of rent but the public transportation is top notch. LA is less expensive in rent but you will make up the difference in your transportation expenditure. You'll need a car, auto insurance, repair fund for the car, gas money and parking. No matter which city you pick you should realize that it's going to take you a few years to build a career since you're a beginner. You'll need a financial nest egg to survive long enough to get yourself settled, find a job, find classes or an acting coach and just generally get settled in for the uphill battle and slog. Jenna Fischer who plays Pam Beesly on The Office wrote a blog on Myspace chronicling her path and it took her roughly 8 years before she could support herself solely from acting income and she has many, many friends who she considers more talented than her who have so far only tasted failure.Anyway.There are many other states with generous tax credits that have lured some tv and a lot of film production away from the traditional hubs of the business. New Mexico, Louisiana, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Michigan to name a few of the states that have been particularly aggressive about bringing film production in. Now, the problem with these areas is that film and tv still fly in most of their major cast from LA or NY. The production companies use the local talent pool for extra work and a few lines here and there which isn't bad for someone in your position but I wouldn't advocate moving to Michigan to pursue the film industry. Those tax credits that have lured production can dry up in an instant and those productions will move elsewhere. The entertainment industry is still centered in LA and NY.Whatever you do, do your research beyond just asking questions here on Yahoo. You should be at the bookstore reading books on the business of becoming a professional actor. The less you know the more susceptible you are to spinning your wheels in wasted motion and being taken advantage of.


Yeah, they're just waiting for YOU to get there. Another unprepared, immature girl with stars in her eyes for them to prey on! If you can't get started where you are, then hang it up! THOUSANDS of kids just like you move both places every year an hardly ANY make it! But I'm sure there's another waitress spot with your name on it, just waiting for you to get there!


Stay in school. Go to college for theatre. If you can't get a part in a college production, it's highly unlikely that you will find acting jobs in New York, LA, Boston or Osh Kosh. Without experience, you will be easy prey for every two-bit scam artist looking to make money off of your ambition.


costs too much to live in NYC


Actually you should move to Boston. It's the new up-and-coming for the movie industry and so you'll have a lot less competition there. Good luck pursuing that career but remember there's good actors versus great actors. If you're good, you can get some minor local jobs. But it takes being really great to make it into the big leagues.Source(s):…



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