In New Mexico if your an Illegal immigrant you can get a drivers license. How would you handle this?

In New Mexico if your an Illegal immigrant you can get a drivers license. How would you handle this?

As President would you assist her in this to make it a federal law that you must be legal to receive benefits? I am Legal and I pay Taxes for illegals to receive benefits? how is this Legal or even considered?


No way... There are to many American rights given away.. Illegals have no rights for a license.. And nothing from the American people..


I will never support any benefits or privileges given to illegals. Driving is a privilege, not a right and illegals, through their terrible actions, have not earned that privilege.


I would deport the bums.


The President is not a King or Emperor. He doesn't make laws- Congress does. As of right now, education and police and zoning as well as driver's license laws are state, not federal laws. That's why every state can decide on its own how to handle this.There are arguments for an against giving driver's licenses to anybody without proof of lawful presence. One pro argument is that illegals drive anyway, with or without license, but without a license they can't get auto insurance.So if I get hit by someone, I'd rather want them to have insurance, which could save me hundreds of thousands of dollars, literally. So if I want everybody who's driving to have insurance, I also must allow them to have a license.So you see, it's not all black and white. I would give anybody a driver's license, but those who cannot provide proof of lawful presence have a big red bar across the top reading "Not valid for Identification Purposes."Source(s):The son of a German mother and a Swedish father, I have lived in 6 European countries before immigrating to Southern California two decades ago. I work as a corporate attorney in Santa Barbara and answering questions here is my way of giving back.


a driver's license has nothing to do with the taxes you pay. It does ensure that illegal residents are able to drive and won't cause accidents, which WOULD dip into the taxes you pay (for police, firemen, etc to come to the scene of the accident).I could get an international drivers license and driver anywhere in the world, it has nothign to do with the tax system of whatever country I decide to go to and drive in.



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