In the state of NH, am I covered with auto insurance right away.?

In the state of NH, am I covered with auto insurance right away.?

I just purchased a new car and want to drive it right away. Does my insurance cover me right away? Liability? Collision? Both?


if you have notified your insurance company of the changes


Have you opened a new insurance policy on your new car? If not, you need to immediately. If you had prior coverage on another vehicle you owned it does not automatically cover your new vehicle. The rate will more than likely be different depending on the year, make and model. Contact your agent asap, them them the VIN of the new vehicle. They can give you a quote and issue a temp ID card for your new car on the spot.


You have to inform your insurance company regarding it.Need to find auto insurance quotes? The use our free auto insurance quote form below to find the lowest prices on auto insurance in your area. At they not only bring you the best in cars for sale by owner, they also offer the easist, fastest way to shop for car insurance online. At you simply add in your Zip Code and they find the local insurance premiums in your area. At they are dedicated in helping automobile owners find the used car, parts, accessories and auto insurance quotes you need on one friendly, easy to use website!…


I have the AARP car and home insurance and I think you should call your insurance provider immediately and let them know about your new car. Do it ASAP.Source(s):



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