In this case would insurance still cover all passengers in my vehicle?

In this case would insurance still cover all passengers in my vehicle?

So here is a short blurb about me, it'-s important. I am a male who lives in Omaha, Nebraska but I'-m constantly going places throughout and around the metro area (Bellevue, Dundee, Midtown, Papillion). I will be sixteen very soon and already have my license, you can obtain it 60 days advanced from the DMV but can NOT use it until you turn sixteen. I do already have my vehicle a 2000 Honda Odyssey which I chose instead of a 2005 Honda CRV. This has been my van since November of 2011 which I can legally take to and from school. I would like to add the fact that even though I am only 15 I have driven almost everyday with my permit and I'-m a very good driver.With my license I'-m only suppose to have one passenger for the first six months which EVERYONE I know breaks this restriction. I have even heard cops don'-t follow this restriction unless you act like a wise-*** or do something stupid like speed. My dad agreed I could break it but then out of no where he told me yesterday I could NOT because our insurance would not cover everyone because of the license. I wanted to say well why does it cover if your driving drunk but I kept my mouth shut.The main question is if I have more than one passenger will insurance still cover them?P.S: I have always been called a Goody Two-Shoes and someone who is a p**** because I don'-t believe in breaking the law. I don'-t believe in smoking anything or drinking etc. This is one thing I feel I can break only because nobody follows it and I don'-t plan on having more passengers all the time but just occasionally.


It will cover them as much as it would if you were 18.But if you get CAUGHT, and need to file a claim, your license will be suspended."Everyone else does it" isn't going to hold up on a court of law.


I have not read your auto policy of insurance, and I am not familiar with Nebraska.But more than likely, your auto insurance would apply to all passengers. It makes no sense that the policy would only apply to one passenger. How would the insurance company decide which passenger to cover in a situation where they were all hurt? That would not be a workable situation.But you should obey your dad regardless of the answer to this question.There is a very easy way to find out the answer. Read the auto policy. Find where it says only one passenger is covered, and also find out what the policy says as to how they decide which passenger they are going to cover. You will not find that. It is not there.And you raise a good point about the drunk driving scenario. The drunk driver is breaking the law, and yet his insurance coverage applies. You are exactly right. I can tell you're a smart kid.


Probably your dad read the insurance policy or contacted his insurance agent and determined that if you don't follow the rules he could get sued and lose his home and owe money on top of that, and he is not willing to do that.If you have your permit then you already should be having a licensed driver beside you. You said you abide by the law but that your dad allows you to break the law and also that you want to be like "everyone" else. Understand this, if you are not doing what the law says then you are breaking the law whether or not your dad allows you or whether or not others are doing something. When you go to jail none of those people will be there for you. You won't be able to blame them for their not following the law or for what they say to you or what they do. The responsibility of jailtime and a fine will be yours alone. Your wanting to be like others is your immaturity talking. Grow up, and grow up quick if you want to drive and be on the road with other drivers.You asked us a question that only your dad can answer because it's his policy on you. Ask him.Driving with more than one beer here in my state is considered impaired and drunk so I'd say do NOT drink and drive. And it's also against the law to have an open bottle of alcohol in the car. It's also against the law to have drugs in the car (police will impound your car and you won't get it back). If you can't read the rules of the road and understand them well then please don't drive.It has nothing to do with keeping your mouth shut since there are ways they can prove a person was drinking and even how impaired they are by a breatholizer.the problem is that your dad taught you to be dishonest, and now you have to learn to be your own man and be "honest".


Chances are strong that your father is correct. Your insurance coverage and its attendant premium costs are based upon you following the law about the number of passengers you are allowed to carry with your license. It makes NO difference how many drivers and police ignore that little rule. Your insurance company is aware of the rule, and may well use same to deny coverage for more than one passenger.


No and it will not cover you or the car since you are in violation of the insurance policy and state law. You would be charged with criminal negligence and license suspended till age 18


Your insurance will likley NOT cover anyone or any damage if you have extra passengers, that are not allowed by law.Your Dad is right, so limit your passengers to ONE and one only.



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