Information on relocating to BC?

Information on relocating to BC?

I'-m moving from Alberta to BC. We have already found a place to live but I need more information on everything else I have to do, like changing my auto insurance and getting BC Health. Does anyone know a website that can help me find relocating information?? I'-m feeling overwhelmed and I only have 2 weeks until we move.


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Don't stress. The two you have mentioned can't be done until you get here anyway. When you get here, go to an Autoplan office(they're everywhere, and they are often in insurance offices for house insurance too) to change your car insurance. I think you've got 6 months after you move to change your plates to BC plates, but check at the ICBC website. You have to wait 3 months before you can actually be covered under the Medical Services Plan of BC, but you can apply right away. If you have a job here, that application will usually be part of your initial paperwork at work. I can't think of anything else except changing your driver's licence. You can do that at the Autoplan office too, it doesn't need to be done right away, and all the info is on the ICBC website. It talks about vehicle inspections there, otherwise known as Aircare. In larger towns and cities you'll need that but not in smaller places. If there's no inspection station nearby you won't need the vehicle Aircared.



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