Insurance policy lookup with driver's licence info?

Insurance policy lookup with driver's licence info?

So this guy hits me and begs me not to report it (problems at home, etc, etc, etc) cops come in and tell us we have 10 days to report it or fix it ourselves. i was stupid enough to believe in his word in (like that means something nowadays). he said he will pay for it but today to go drop the car he doesn'-t show up. i have his info (driver'-s license number, address, car description) but i don'-t have his insurance info. Do i need it and is there any way to find it or could i go to the precinct with what i have and give him a hit and run???


It doesn't matter. You can't "file a claim" with his insurer (if he really has one) because you are not the policyholder. You can't sue his insurer either. You either work it through your insurance or you sue him directly.


Call your insurance company and give them the information. You may end up fronting the deduction, but if it was the other guy's fault, your insurance company can recover from his insurance company and should refund your deductible.Barring that, if you know an officer personally, you may be able to get him to run the license and then call the guy and tell him you are going to report him for hit and run.If he tries to give you a song and dance, report him.


First, insurance isn't usually tracked by driver's license, in each state - it's usually tracked by vehicle - either the tag number, or the vin number.Second, that information is private - so if you have someones name, license number, or tag number, you can't get their insurance information, because it's protected by privacy laws. Sure, the cops can look it up - and if they tell you, they can be fired and prosecuted.Last, his insurance company does NOT have to accept a claim report from you. Typically, many insurance companies will, for auto accidents, but legally, they don't HAVE to. And if their insured denies the claim to them, they then drop it.You really have two options - either file the claim with YOUR insurer, and let your insurance company chase after them, or, sue them in small claims court.Cops are NOT lawyers. Although they might have a better grasp of the law than joe average, you CANNOT rely on a cop for LEGAL advice. Period. There's no legal time limit anywhere, for "fixing yourself". Some states DO have a legal time limit for accepting an accident report - but in many states, if there's no bodily injury and both cars are drivable, they won't even give you an accident report.If it's less than 10 days, file the accident report. If it's more, TRY to file the accident report. You'll need that report in small claims court.


get the police report and file it with your insurance company as you should have in the first place



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