Interesting ..I post a question regarding Banks Collecting Over Draft Fees and get slammed for being a liberal?

Interesting ..I post a question regarding Banks Collecting Over Draft Fees and get slammed for being a liberal?

I'-m not a Liberal.. My check Book is Balanced.. but that does not remove the fact that Banks use predatory tactics... admittedly, when calculating Over Draft fees.. but once again The Azz Kissing Yahoo Community comes to their rescue ?The same people that scream "-Socialism"- but defend bailing out Banks with Your Cash,..The same banks that post 38 billion in over draft fees, but then pay back their Bail out Monies with Profits from said tactics ..I work In Banking..In fact I work for a "-Direct"- Lender in the Auto Industry and I can tell you first hand that Banks are out to make profit any way they can ?what is wrong with Americans...


I've been fussing about overdraft fees because of how the checks are processed after the banks close, and the largest amounts are processed first--a practice that was explained by a bank teller when I was attempting to help my daughter with her account a few years back. We have to get credit for deposits only during banking hours, and if the deposit is made after 12 p.m. (or 2:00 p.m. for some banks), then it does not get credited (nor does it draw interest) until the following BUSINESS day, but banks process incoming checks off of your account AFTER HOURS and begin counting IMMEDIATELY if their processing causes a negative balance instead of waiting like we have to wait for the NEXT BUSINESS DAY. Union Planters, in Maryville TN, had charged my daughter seven overdraft fees ($39 each I think it was) because the largest check, which was written last, was processed first and then all the smaller ones weren't covered, whereas if the smaller ones had been processed first, they would have all cleared, and my daughter had written the largest one after the bank had closed, thinking she would have time to deposit her paycheck the next business day (she wrote the check on a Saturday night late for her rent). I negotiated with the bank to take off all but one, arguing that if they had followed the date sequence, she would not have overdrawn at all, but needless to say we switched her to a different bank.To his credit, President Obama is trying to get Legislators to enact legislation taking this giant candy trough away from these spoiled-brat fatcat (used to being deregulated) banking executives and is also trying to re-regulate the very powerful (and also spoiled-brat) 1300-strong for-profit insurance companies---political courage that is rare in politicians these days. Reforms are DEFINITELY needed! Maybe if we keep providing input about these predatory practices and complaining loud enough and long enough we stand a chance of getting some changes (some re-regulation and oversight) into place---especially during election years when politicians try to curry our votes by paying attention at This is going to be a tough one to get under control because of all the years they were allowed to operate without any checks and balances, but I honestly think we now have a president in President Obama who is willing to confront the issue--just as he did with the credit card companies early last year by signing the law against predatory fees or practices which took effect February 1st. BTW: I am a liberal to moderate, and my checkbook is balanced,


It happens to me all the time, you post a question and some seem to think they can read your mind in a sentence or two. They just react emotionally and don't think. They don't have the capacity to understand an issue and just insult you because of it. Brainless and dickless wimps can be found on both sides of the aisle.I am firmly in both camps, just depends on the issue. A Libertarian with a stained soul that avoids commercial banks whenever possible.


Your observations regarding the posters is the impact of generations of inbreeding. Couple that with the anger they experience after the divorce and you have some very confused folks. Imagine getting a divorce then discovering you are still brother and sister!!!


Some people love the banksters and stay with these too big too fail monster banks.Not me, I bank with USAA and a Credit Union. They treat me well.Best thing to do is bank with a small local bank, Credit Union, or if you are eligible USAADown with Citi, Boa, Chase.. etc.


Don't have an overdraft and no overdraft occurs therefore negating a need for an overdraft fee in the first place , See its simple but little leftists like you just have to make things much more complicated than they appear don't you .


Ok genius, you criticize them for using overdraft fees to pay back their TARP funds....tell me how you want them to pay back their bail-out money if they can't use their few sources of revenue to do so.


So what's your beef then?Banks gotta make money. They can do it by charging monthly fees or by overdrafts. 20 years ago, I used to pay a bank $16 per month for checking account fees. Now checking is mostly free. They make up the difference with penalty fees. As long as customers are aware of it going in, I don't see the issue with that.I personally got sick of the penalty fees. Yes, I overdraft maybe 3 or 4 times a year. Fortunately, I chose to go with a credit union, which is a co-op. Instead of $29 overdraft fee, it's $2.Now banks do some shifty things, like ordering payments to incur the most overdraft fees, and applying CC payments against the low interest balance vs. the high interest balance. Since they failed to clean up their act on this, I think the reforms enacted by Congress were appropriate.


liberals, thats whats wrong with americans



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