Is 46000k a year a good salary in california?

Is 46000k a year a good salary in california?

I am in the military with a wife and a 4 year old son. I will be getting out in a couple months a planning on returning to Southern California. Im planning on doing this job on the outside but it pays anywhere from 40000 to 46000 a year. Is this a good yearly salary???


You should be okay. Like someone suggested, you can afford what you need, but not necessarily what you want. Little things like buying the best steaks in the supermarket on a regular basis will have to be scaled back. You'll flinch at the gas pump when you fill up, so you will probably want to live close to where you work. If you don't like the public schools for your son the private schools will not become a viable option due to the cost.You can cut some costs by shopping around for your auto insurance. In California the bulk of your rate is predicated on your zip code. I remember in San Diego moving from Clairemont to Pacific Beach, 92117 to 92109 zips and my insurance went up $300 a year. It was only a two mile difference. Before you rent an apartment check with your insurance agent to see if it effects your car insurance rates by living in your selected area. If it does then rent a few miles away.Hopefully you'll be making the $46,000 wage instead of the lower end. That $500 per month difference will greatly influence your standard of living.I wish you the best and thanks for serving in our military.Source(s):SoCal resident for 40+ years.


not really :/ like if you live in a modest area it's fine and if you save it's good. remember save at least 30% of your monthly salary :]oh does your wife have a job? if she doesn't then you'll have a hard time keeping also means you only can buy what you need. not want. remember the electricity, water,gas bill. mortgage. food. clothes. hygiene no luxuries like game consols or like toys for you kid or whatever you or your wife wants.edit: oh yeah, don't forget your taxes :]


No, not really. Of course it depends a lot on the cost of living in your community. You might be able to scrape by, but if you want to live well, your wife will have to get a job too. You probably will not be able to afford to buy a house unless it's cheap, rundown and small or in a sketchy neighborhood.


well for a single income, especially when raising a family, absolutely not...even for 1 person, that is not a whole lot to work with. you should mention your wife's income, if she has one...i hope she does because you can't live in a decent area for 3 people with less than 50k a year...


If you like apartments, shitty clothes and like sitting around doing nothing and eating boring food... yeah!All sarcasism aside, a nice house for your family is about 3k a month


$46,000 a year means you'll get by, but don't expect upscale.


yeah its survivable in fact you'll do very well at that figure



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