Is a 2007 Ford Taurus SEL a good first car for a 16 year old male?

Is a 2007 Ford Taurus SEL a good first car for a 16 year old male?

It'-s in really good shape and has been service regularly. Or should I get a 2002 Ford Focus SE?


If the Focus you're talking about has the SOHC(single over-head cam) engine, then forget it. That engine is awful. If it has the DOHC Zetec engine, go for the Focus. It'll be a better fit, more fun, much cheaper to drive and maintain. I doubt a 16 y/o needs the room of the Taurus.Source(s):Years of working with Fords and Focii in particular.


the taurus hands down. Five years newer- much more car safetywise-easy to service and maintain-it'll burn a bit more fuel, but isn't a gas hog. probably lower insurance cost due to their safety ratings- pretty dependable automobile........ but it isn't a chick magnet.Source(s):70 year old Grandpa - who drives 20 yr old Fords pretty much all over North America.


Can you drive at age 16 ? Buy Taurus if you can afford it. You are going to wreck it anyway in one year or so, unless you are very lucky.



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