Is Progressive a good insurance company?

Is Progressive a good insurance company?

My mom seems to think it'-s not based on what she heard almost 10 years ago. We currently have Allstate which is costing us $265/mo whereas Progressive could cost us $171/mo. IDK why she won'-t even try it


To put this in prospective:Allstate will cost her $3,180 annuallyProgressive will cost her $2,052Monthly difference is $94.00If both policies are exact== same coverages, deductibles etc, why would she want to throw away $94 more every month? Think what she can buy with that extra $94 per month.Progressive is a big name company, just like Allstate, State Farm, Century 21, Liberty Insurance etc.Now one major difference with Progressive vs Allstate is that Allstate ALL have agents to call or make changes, whereas with Progressive, you can have an agent or just go through the company itself.As a former auto claim adjuster for 10 years, I had to deal with other insurance companies on claims. Progressive and Allstate are the same in handling claims and do things the same.Now if the difference ANNUALLY was $94, then that would be only $7.83 per month, so suggest to stay with Allstate. But to save $1,128, does not make sense.good luck


Allstate is the cheapest for us and we love it. We have full coverage on both vehicles, life insurance, house and renters insurance for around $250 a month. I am only 22 with an uninsured wreck on my record, Everyone had high quotes and Progressive actually denied me insurance. I regularly check around for quotes, but so far Allstate is the cheapest. Plus we get a check every year for not having a wreck. Most of the people I know have allstate, but a few have State farm. I understand not wanting to change. You become familiar with you company and know their policy's and ways of working. Nobody wants to switched and end up getting screwed in the end. I would give her a few quotes from more than one company to show her how much she is over paying before trying to convince her to make such a decision.


Lots of people who have Progressive are dissatisfied with it. On the other hand, Allstate does not fare much better. See the second source for insurance (not all car insurance) user reviews at a glance.Source(s):……


Yes that is good - Every 6-12 months keep shopping for insurance mostly every 6 months you'll get better rate with other company with clean record- same insurance company will not give you discount on renewal - I keep rolling every 6 months between GEICO, Allstate and Progressive.


They are all good. Some better than others. Some are better at doing some things than others. Look up all of the majors ratings on J.D. Powers or A.M. Best websites


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