Is car insurance more expensive on newer models?

Is car insurance more expensive on newer models?

Im comparing car insurance quotes online. I havent yet got the car im insuring but Im looking at different 206 models. I know there are many factors when it comes to the quote, but does a newer model cost more to insure because this is what I seem to be finding:2004 models- my insurance is around ?470, yet when I checked the same model but a 2005 reg it was nearly ?300 pounds more.


newer cares are cheaper to insure because the theft number is so low since it is a new car so the insurance company gives you a low quote


I recommend an online insurance quote. It's free and generally hassle free. it works out


Insurance companies range when it comes to auto insurance. The more the car is worth, the more the insurance company will charge. The replacement cost is higher for newer cars, so the company has to charge you more. Your best bet is to shop around for the right coverage. Start by getting trusted insurance advice online.…Source(s):




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