Is getting caught for excessive speeding a probation violation?

Is getting caught for excessive speeding a probation violation?

My brother is on probation for possession of small amounts of marijuana, he got pulled over for excessive speeding in Hawaii (30 mph over) and now has a court date. What is the possible penalty for excessive speeding in Hawaii? Does multiple "-regular"- speeding tickets in the past have an affect on penalty? Will they automatically test for drugs because of probation?


Hawaii laws are very strict on drunk driving and excessive speeding.•For a first offense not preceded by a prior conviction for an offense under this section in the preceding five years:•A fine of not less than $500 and not more than $1,000-•Thirty-day prompt suspension of license and privilege to operate a vehicle during the suspension period, or the court may impose, in lieu of the thirty-day prompt suspension of license, a minimum fifteen-day prompt suspension of license with absolute prohibition from operating a vehicle and, for the remainder of the thirty-day period, a restriction on the license that allows the person to drive for limited work-related purposes-•Attendance in a course of instruction in driver retraining-•A surcharge of $25 to be deposited into the neurotrauma special fund-•May be charged a surcharge of up to $100 to be deposited into the trauma system special fund if the court so orders-•An assessment for driver education pursuant to section 286G-3- and•Either one of the following:•Thirty-six hours of community service work- or•Not less than forty-eight hours and not more than five days of imprisonment.The penalties for Excessive Speeding increase for second and third offenses.These penalties are mandatory, which means that even if this is the first ticket you ever received in your life, the judge will have no choice but to sentence you to the aforementioned penalties if you are convicted of Excessive Speeding.In addition to the criminal penalties, being convicted of Excessive Speeding will require you to obtain SR-22 auto insurance (high-risk insurance).Because excessive speeding is a misdemeanor, it's a criminal offense, and your brother's probation would likely be violated, too, sending him back to jail for the weed.Yes, he'll be drug tested, and yes, he'll go back to jail.- Stuart

throw the probation should say "obey all laws, other than traffic laws." or something like that.





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