Is it illegal not to report a minor auto car accident to your insurance company in CA?

Is it illegal not to report a minor auto car accident to your insurance company in CA?

I got in a minor car accident recently and was wondering if it'-s illegal not to report it to your insurance company. (i.e., if we settle it without the insurance getting involved). If it is illegal, is there a time frame that says you need to report it by X number of days? (I dont know if this matters, but I have AAA insurance)Once you report it, do insurance companies even give you a choice whether to resolve it with them or to resolve it on your own?


What transpires between you and your insurance company is none of government's business. Government cannot "force" you to use (or not use) the insurance.However, it *is* illegal to NOT report accidents with damage > $750 to the CA DMV, and may result in suspension of your license should the other party report it and you don't.


How minor is the damage? ,click on my image and email the answer and I will try to explain.Source(s):insurance broker


Your insurance will only be affected by a ticket or a claim .You can settle without them making a claim . But you better get the situation in writing , photos , and a copy of there ID.If you just do a cash trans action with no receipt ............shame on you. They can still file a claim.So yes pay them off and take the receipt of transaction to the Ins Co. so they can stop a claim if any against you. It won't raise your Ins. for this process


u should definetly report it. or else ur insurance comoany might jump to the conclusion that all ''this minor accident'' was a set-up or a scam



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