Is it important that your auto insurance company has an office in your town?

Is it important that your auto insurance company has an office in your town?

It is the first time that I am buying auto insurance, and I am not sure which company to choose.I am considering to buy Amica Mutual insurance. However, the problem is that, its closest office to me is 125 miles away. Is this gonna be an issue? Should I consider this when choosing my insurance company?


No, strictly speaking it's not important... but it can be helpful, especially if you've never bought a policy before. I found it was much easier to talk to someone in person rather than over the phone when I was trying to decide how much coverage I needed. Plus it can sometimes be easier to get a hold of a local agent than a regional agent if you need to make an immediate change to you policy (i.e. you buy a new car or need to add a second driver).I personally like having my agent local... but you don't *need* one.



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