Is it necessary to hold on to old auto insurance bills?

Is it necessary to hold on to old auto insurance bills?

I switched auto insurance companies recently and I was just wondering if there is any reason at all I should keep my old auto insurance bills from the old company. I'-m the one who HATES clutter and I want to get rid of things I don'-t need anymore. Thanks.


I recently changed to AAA. If no claim pending it is not necessary to keep the old bills. But keep policy number for a couple months for refernece if need be.I now use the plastic shoe boxes to weed out things then go through boxes and thin more later. I label each one, such as bills paid, autos, bank, charge accounts, phone, utilties, TAX reciepts, house repairs, Working well for me so far.


It's just worth keeping your old account numbers. You don't need to keep all the paperwork. If for any reason you do need it again, you have your account number, so you can phone the insurer who will have a copy and either get them to give you the information on the phone, or they can send you a copy.


There are only 2 reasons to keep the insurance bills. First reason would be if you are in business for yourself and they are being used as a tax write off. ( 7 years for records )The second reason would be if you payed on a monthly bases and had the interest to write off. ( 5 years for personal )



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