Is it OK to lie about being married to get a lower auto insurance rate?

Is it OK to lie about being married to get a lower auto insurance rate?

My insurer gives me a much lower auto insurance quote if I say that I'-m married. I could say that my imaginary partner doesn'-t even drive. Are there any consequences to listing myself as married? Can it come back to bite me?


It is sufficient cause to avoid paying any claim you might have under the policy.


No. They will catch you sooner or later.


They wont really investigate it until they need to. Which means that you would have to get into an accident and that is when you get into trouble... So yes, it will come back to bite you very very very hard!


i'm pretty sure thats illegal :p


That would be insurance fraud and it is very illegal.


You should ask your conscious.


First of all in the state of Missouri they check to see who even lives in the residence and I have had to pay higher premiums because of roommates that did not even drive my car. Who is this agent? yes I disagree that married people are safer drivers as are women. How often do you see a woman driving a SUV while talking on the phone, putting on makeup with a busload full of children is that safer??? Also I have known of several couples getting into arguments and one storms out and is mad and then ends up in an acident and even getting killed. Even thought this os not legal I dont think what they the insurance providers are doing are so legal either. We all need to ban together against them!




First it would invalidate your insurance, Second it is called fraud.


Well if you get into an accident they usually do everything they can to not have to pay up, so they will find out you aren't married and probably won't cover your accident costs


Sure it is, if you'd like to be in jail for fraud. :)Source(s):I've been an insurance agent for the past 9 years.


Nope, its Fraud



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