Is it possible to buy a car insurance without owning a car, and then use it for renting a car?

Is it possible to buy a car insurance without owning a car, and then use it for renting a car?

I live in India and frequently travel to USA. And when I go rent a car, pay almost double the rental because I have to buy all the coverage. I was wondering if it is possible for me (or my company) to buy some sort of protection policy, using which I can rent the car and not have to buy insurance from them.


Yes some states allow you to buy insurance without owning a car. Just go online get some no.s for like Geico, State farm, farmers, nationwide any one of them there customer service should be able to help you out


Nope, you must have a car to insure. On another note, if you pay for your rental using a Visa credit card they will cover for the damages at no additional cost to you should an accident occur. Check with your credit card company for details, but a lot of them will insure the rental for you if you pay for the rental using their credit card.

As an insurance agent, I can tell you that it is possible to buy auto insurance without owning a vehicle. It's called a "non-owner's policy" and it covers the driver no matter what car he is driving. Not every insurance company offers this type of policy, but many do, and it's worth looking into. Your best bet would be to contact an independent insurance agency, since they represent many different companies, and ask if any of the companies they represent offer non-owner's policies. The cost should be much cheaper than buying insurance from the car rental agency. Try this site to before you buy car insurance you can get quotes from different car insurance companies in your area, its the best way to find an affordable car insurance with a reliable company.


Frankly, because you live in India- no US insurance company will provide you a policy. Your best option is either purchase the policy from the car rental agency or go without. You did say you travel for business, so the company is the one paying for the protection anyway. I wouldn't worry about it and you can decline their coverage- you aren't forced to purchase it. Your company can decide it isn't worth the cost and are willing to take on the risk themselves.



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