Is it safe to drive your car to Rosarito, Mexico?

Is it safe to drive your car to Rosarito, Mexico?

I'-m headed to Rosarito in July and heard that some people have been getting their car stolen by gang members there. Also, i heard if you buy mexican auto insurance and something happens to your car, is impossible to collect from them. Does anyone know more about this.Thanks!


If the stories you have heard aren't enough, when you try to get back into the states, plan on having cash to pay off the cops with. Otherwise you'll end up in jail. That is why the safest and easiest way to go to Rosarito or anywhere else, is to walk over the border, or grab a bus that does like a tour ride over the border.


Rosarito is as safe as any other big, busy tourist city in the world. There are thieves everywhere. Mexican auto insurance protects you from jail in case of an accident, but collecting it is a time consuming procedure and most people leave it up to their US insurer. Agree that the big SUVs are top ticket items for thieves right now. Surf boards on top are an extra incentive. A secured parking lot with attendant is the best insurance.


I would say it is safe, I live near the highway to Rosarito, I go to Rosarito quite often without any problems.Like anywhere there is a chance your car can get stolen, but there are also people that scam the insurance companies trying to say there car was stolen in Mexico, some get away with it, sometimes the car is found in the U.S. or in an impound for being parked for days.I have had one accident years ago and GNP paid the claim. Check with your own insurance company they maybe able to cover you.There are a lot of decent cars in Rosarito, especially when tourists are in town. If your car is more than 4 or 5 years old and not a high theft vehicle then, the odds of having trouble are very, very low. Roll into town in a 98 Buick no trouble, but a 07 Escalade maybe a different story.Have a great trip.



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