Is it safe to send checks for large amounts of money in the mail?

Is it safe to send checks for large amounts of money in the mail?

I am expecting a check for a sizeable amount of money from my insurance company for an auto insurance claim. The office that the check comes from is about 100 miles away. They told me that I would get it in about a couple of days. It has been two days since they told me this and I did not get it yet in today'-s mail. I am concerned that it could have been lost in the mail and someone could find it and forge my signature on it as an endorsement. Is this possible?


Yes it should be fine. I received mine in the mail after 3-5 days, you shouldn't have to worry about it, plus if anyone found it, they would need credible identification in order to cash it or deposit it. Insurance companies are liable for any damages in case something were to happen because of their delivery methods. So don't worry!


They could, but they'd be committing insurance fraud, identity theft, and stealing.While it is a possibility, it would take a very, VERY stupid criminal to attempt this. Still, they're out there.


Yes, it is safe. Insurance companies mail checks all the time. And people pay their bills with checks sent through the mail.It is possible someone else COULD get your check - but it is unlikely. Be patient. It will arrive in a day or so.


Sure, it's safe.If you're really worried, try a money order though.Source(s):…


check yesmoney no


I have worked in a mail room for a government agency and we recieved many large checks in the mail for tax deed sales, forclosure sales and court fines. There were few problems. Check with the insurance agency to see if it was sent certified, they might be able to track it down if it was certified and it did get lost.If you ever do this in yourself, I would advise against using the US postal service and suggest using UPS or FedEx. They are much more reliable and easier to track the package to be sure it has been recieved.



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