Is Obama responsible for any deaths that might have occurred due to hundreds of thousands of GM dealership?

Is Obama responsible for any deaths that might have occurred due to hundreds of thousands of GM dealership?

Workers that lost their jobs and health insurance because of Obama'-s auto task force ordering them closed?




Please research that this happened under the Bush administration, and that the CEO then (Wagner), as well as the entire board felt that they needed to reduce the number of dealerships to trim the fat, especially the poor performing ones.Under the Obama Admin, GM is now profitable. Its now poised to becoming the largest auto manufacturer due to economic growth. millions of jobs have been saved, that's not to say some redundancies and fat hasn't ben trimmed.


Bashing American companies again?


libs are idiots and loons with no common sense and even less brains, haven't you learned that on here yet?


you could say that... the only problem is... they were probably going to have MORE losses if Obama didn't act...that's the main issue, it's not like they would have kept it if Obama didn't do anything


Hahahaha - this is a LONG reach even for a right wing parrot!


Obama is Bain Capital times one million.



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