Is our country moving to Socialism? What freedoms are we losing?

Is our country moving to Socialism? What freedoms are we losing?

Please no Blame Bush or Obama stuff.Please no name calling too. If you have bipartisan sources please provide.I know what I think but would love to see your responses.


l'm sorry but as much as some people didn't like Bush he didn't take over industry and try to national everything like Chavez.…" a socioeconomic structure and political ideology that promotes the establishment of an egalitarian, classless, stateless society based on common ownership and control of the means of production and property in general" less than 7 months, Obama has taken over 66% of the US auto (GM and Chrysler), Citibank (46%), Control over all other banks (TARP), controls 79% largest insurance company (AIG)- controls 80% largest mortgage lenders (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac), now seeks to control health care industry, seeking to limit opposing media (Google: Fairness Doctrine) and watch you rights to bear arms under the 2nd Amendment is coming up too.…Don't believe me? Go to a fire arms dealer and ask to buy ammo, fire arms. There is 6 million new registered gun owners since Jan 2009. (source: police officer friend). Fire arms and ammo sales have soared since Obama came to office.2nd Amendment under direct attack by Obama and left Congress."A Bill Before Congress would prohibit ownership of handguns by those who have not obtained firearm licenses."Current Bill Under Consideration:^^^^^ HR 45 Blair Holt Firearm Licensing & Record of Sales Act of 2009 ^^^^^in government legal speak…in English…Obama's record on firearms triggers run on sales in state…Look what Obama said on his Illinois Senatorial campaign questionnaire in 1996!Question #35 (a)"Do you support state legislation to:(a) ban the manufacture, sale and possession of hand guns?"Obama answered: "Yes"…Basically, if the above Bill passes, you have to have a license to have a fire arm. here is the trick. The gov could then DENY you a license for any reason or no reason.The 2nd Amendment gave us this right for the last 233 years without question. A guy with no valid birth certificate shows up and wants to further undue the U.S. Constitution.Law Suit filed in CA over new state control of fire arms the law suit filed in CA…There is a ton of stuff happening in the country and my friends, it will not be on your liberal media news channels.How many people even knew that CA had this law on the books, and how many people know of someone challenging seeking to up hold the 2nd Amendment?"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. "…Next - media control - we'll control over anyone opposing him.Why the Fairness Doctrine is Anything But Fair…Pelosi Supports Return of Fairness Doctrine…The Demo's passed Cap and Trade with one vote. And it was several thousand pages long, and Reps asked if we could read it over a weekend before voting on it. Since the Demo's control the votes now, they dumped the bill at 3AM and voted the next day. It passed by one vote.……Even the liberals in San Francisco are peeved about this.Cap and trade - The path to ‘global governance’…This is interesting and scary.The Principles of Communism (1847)…This is what is happening. All you have to do is stop listening to the rhetoric, on how all of this is "good for us," take the head out of the sand, and pay attention.Does anyone else get annoyed by now about the Socialists still crying "Bush's fault" and whining about how big oil is the cause to all out problems. WHAT? Then ask these people if they drive a car, use heat, electricity, don't recycle all their trash, or if they eat food. Hypocrites.Source(s):awake and paying attention. (I've cited my sources - contra views, please cite yours).


We are no closer to socialism now than we ever were.There is Medicaid and Medicare and Social Security, but neither of those are socialist, since they aren't universal.


He's been in office only six months. He's forced private companies to fire their CEO's, used public funds to buy majority ownership in private companies, pushed through a stimulus package that wastes money you will be paying for for the rest of your life. He is pushing a health care agenda that will end up preventing you from choosing your own doctor or getting health care when you grow old. He is toying with the social security system that may result in you not getting your money back. He is working on making illegals citizens, which may cost you your job. He is hiring "czars" to control the various sectors of our economy. He has imposed "cap and trade" rules that will limit the way businesses operate. All this in only six months. The things he is doing is strenghening his power. The next step may be gun control, voting restrictions, and on and on. Think, "Hugo Chavez".


Exactly. We aren't losing freedoms.Last I heard, you can still pick what bank you go to, and, if you wanted to, start a new bank that doesn't take a bailout from a government.You can still buy private insurance.You can still buy a house, just like you've always been doing.You still decide who becomes President and Congress.I'm really failing to see how the life has been so horribly changed.Oh, and "freedom to get a job'??? You've gotta be kidding me. You want a job? Nobody's stopping you except the recession. That's like saying I have no freedom to fly because the plane's full. It's not a violation of your freedoms. Want a job? Start your own business.


If there is anymore expansion of the public sector, then one needs to put into question whether the 10th and 9th Amendments are being obstructed. You know...that part in the Constitution people like to ignore.


If your worried about losing freedoms you shouldn't be looking towards socialism you should be looking towards the patriot act. That has taken away more freedoms than socialism ever could. The right to privacy is a very important right.


We are losing many rights a little at a time. ( I named a few. Look it over and see what you can come up with.)The right to self-governanceThe congress is pushing things through without proper consideration.The right to bear arms for self defenseThey are continuously eroding the 2nd amendment.The right to own, develop and dispose of propertyThe president has taken over control of companies and voided legal contracts.The right to make personal choicesPick your favorite.The right to free consciencePolitical correctness will try to prevent that.The right to chose a professionFor nowThe right to choose a mateGays may complain hereThe right to beget ones kindJustice Ginsberg addressed this.The right to assembleAfter you jump through a bunch of hoops.The right to petitionBut it will be ignored.The right to free speechThey are working on that. And you can't say bomb on an airplane.The right to a free pressThe right to enjoy the fruits of ones laborExcess taxation.The right to improve ones position through barter and saleThe right to contrive and inventThe right to explore the natural resources of the earthThe right to privacyThe right to provide personal securityThe right to provide natures air, water, clothing and shelterThe right to fair trialThe right to free associationThe right to contract


I doubt it do Not blame socialism - Blame the greed of people like the Oil Barons .. But honestly the only freedom that we have here in the USA is bought and paid for with money . It does not matter how hard you work - what matters is the fact that by what ever means one obtains wealth it buys freedom here in the USA now .It use to be a pioneering spirit and working hard while reaping the benefits - but No longer .Source(s):Older Democart


We lose rights every day. It's kinda hard to say we are moving to a Socialism without blaming someone. I mean, I understand Bush for making strict rules because of terrorism. Why do we still have them now that there is a Democracy though? Do I really need to take my shoes off at the airport still? I'm actually a Bush supporter(of the dieing breed) but I still think these rules were a little extreme. Although I must say, Obama is a little more of a little Nazi then anyone. National Socialism is more like it.


The US is not moving to Socialism, since government ownership of industry is just one way of organising capitalism. Socialism is quite different: a society without classes or government or money.What freedoms do you have to lose? The freedom to starve or to sleep in the street?


freedom of choice... you will no longer be able to choose amoung health care providers... the rest is propaganda from government...freedom of association... you will no longer be able to choose who you associate with when the government tells you what is good for you.freedom of desent... the current administration WON... and dont want to here your views...freedom to determine right and wrong... the government will give you your opinion...freedom to be free... taxes and taxes... will obligate you to slaverySLAVERY is the hallmark of freedom


socialism:govt owns all means of production:usa:govt owns 0.013% or all companies, including schools (not means of production)yer a troll light, but still a troll repub


Well yea were moving a little closer towards it, but in reality socialism has been around as long as we've had taxes.We lose the freedom to pollute without penalties through cap n trade.That's the only real thing I'm aware of. Taxes have always been around, they have gone up and down over the years, its nothing new.


Our country is being more flexible to helping out the poor using the rich as a source. Socialism is where everyone is the same money-wise, the U.S. will never be like that. Some tax dollars from the rich will go to those who are poorer.No freedoms are being lost, don't know where you would get that...


Socialism is state controlling the economyThe increase of the state participation in the economy give the state more power to be intrusive upon the lives of their citizens to regulate and control more the citizenry . The political class then have a great power ( some of our politicians are not evil but others will use it and not wisely , ) rising control over the economy coupled with control of the three branches of governments is dangerous and open invitation for abuse of power .In the case of America, socialism is gradually implementing not in one shot. As people become more used for the government to have a lot power in the economy , the government will have the free hand to add more and more. Fascism is similar to Socialism, in name private own but managed by the state. This particular brand seems in a present way on the way, of course currently it is not perceive as great problems but the big danger is the incremental approach of grab for power until is too late. People used to say that Wall Street call the shoots of the American economy and held the political power. Who is calling the shots in Wall Street, the government . An strong private sector without government intervention is the best check and balance against the tyranny of government.Is it perfect? Not, there are problems yes but not of the magnitude that other people faced in Socialist or Fascist ruled country.Judge Napolitano wrote a book calledA nation of Sheeps published before last year elections. Critical of the apathy and lack of desire from the citizenry to hold our elected officials accountable. Many among us whine and whine but many among us keep putting the same people again an again back in office. And many do not vote because they feel does not matter. And they are wrong, Any decision from the economy , to changes in law ( death penalty, gay marriage , amnesty to illegals and increase of legal immigration despite the reality that millions of Americans are jobless ( does charity start at home? or not? ) affect us, regardless if we are working poor, middle class ( which is dwindling or upper middle class) politicians secured their golden nest and they are shelter in bread and butter issues from the negative effect that their policies have upon the overwhelming majority of AmericansSource(s):Hudson Institute, CATO institute. Human Rights Watch. Freedom House, The Communist Manifest, The Capital, National Review, Standpoint, City Journal, George Orwell, Huxley , Archi. of Gulag,In Defense of Democracy, Trust by Francis ***.Clash of Civilization. Burke, Spencer, STandpoint,American Prospect,


unga unga me want banana!! *munch*munch* mmmmmmmmmmmmmI know that now coppers can put anyone into prison with no proof whatsoever! shizzle!!!!!!!its not moving to socialism, BUT its moving to dictatorship and controlof everything and evrybody!!!!!!!conspiracy theories are coming true!!!!


Wish we were - Britain, I mean.We would gain freedom from fear of economic collapse, pension collapse, mass unemployment, totalitarian state espionage against law abiding citizens, etc.The only people who would lose any of their licecne to rob and exploit - which I do not call freedom, because it takes freedom from others -would be obscenely rich criminals.Bring it on!


I love how everyone makes fun of Fox News.there the news channel that actually TELLS THE FACTS.


Canada is a free-enterprise country that has a few socialist benefits such as free medical care ( no bill collectors) and baby tax. Anything extreme is bad, but mild socialism isn't and helps the country as a whole if every working citizen pays in to it. We already do, so why not recieve some sort of benefit that we can use?? The only freedom we have to lose is our HEALTHCARE. If not for that, we're better off dead.


Freedom from excessive taxation.Freedom to pursue happiness.


I like to be a positive person, but unfortunately, I'm afraid we are. 10 or 15-years ago, the subject of socialism was just a talking point that we used in political debates with our friends and family. For the first time, I'm really starting to get a little scared. One reason, a much larger proportion of our GNP is being consumed by the cost of government. Taxes are at a all-time high, and there's widespread class envy being fueled by radicals. Plus, many of our corporations are either being taxed or regulated out of our country, or out of business. We're not there yet, but we are closing the gap at a record pace.


Freedom to operate our own corporations, banks, hospitals, own homes, get a job etc


Social Security and Medicare / Medicaid are all forms of public Socialism - do they seem a bad thing to you?What "Freedoms" could we possibly lose? Without doing a "blame Bush" you still have to look back at the freedoms that were threatened by the gangster Cheney and his puppet Bush, they ignored the Constitution, ignored habeas corpus, did illegal wiretapping of US citizens, waged illegal wars without cause and set up Homeland Security and gave it powers to mess with our lives.


Some people believe that paying taxes is a huge abridgment of their freedom. They don't see the benefit of good roads, safe bridges, decent public schools, a healthier population etc. Even if their taxes are not slated to go up, they fear this will happen. It is a huge fear.


No we are not moving Socialism. At least not in the way you are thinking and not at the rate you are thinking and not in the perspective you are thinking.Second you won't lose any freedoms lol. Where are people getting this idea that socialism is a form of goverment? *shakes head chuckling* You need to take some college level goverment classes hun...


America cant be moving toward socialism unless it has a power takeover by the executive branch to the extent that the congress and the judicial system is no longer in place.Socialism makes one person make all peoples position exactly equal in all aspects including money. People do not understand what socialism is.We still have a working and always will have a working executive, legislative and judicial branch, money and taxes within that framework do not constiture socialism. Go to a socialist country like Iran and you will see. Like the Soviet Socialist Republic. That should show you how crazy all this stupid socialism talk is.If we were socialist all our parents and grandparents are spending our money with the cashing of their socialism security checks after 3-5 years they have spent all they put in, so NO we are not, never will, or never have been SOCIALIST.


If you are loosing freedoms it is attacks from enterprises that neglect the rule of law, enterprises such as AT&T that sells to the federal government (NSA) all your, and every one of its customers, phone data, even if you are speaking, or communicating only to another American. This spying on you is paid for by your tax dollars.Source(s):…


~Sum Guy~ is spot on."Social Security and Medicare / Medicaid are all forms of public Socialism - do they seem a bad thing to you?"Well, yes. They are bankrupting the country. Are you seriously that ignorant? They have cost our country 10s of TRILLIONS. Medicare is terrible. My grandparents use it and they say it is the worst healthcare they have ever had.Universal Healthcare is socialism. The cap and trade bill is socialism. What freedoms will we lose? The freedom to choose our healthcare. Government will form a monopoly over it. The freedom to drive what cars we want. Under cap and trade, cars will have to meet such high fuel efficiency standards that we won't be able to drive strong and heavy trucks anymore if we want to.And to all those FOX NEWS haters out there, you have never watched fox so you don't know anything. Glenn Beck, Hannity, and O'Reilly are talk show hosts. If you think that is all fox news is, your an idiot. The other news programs are very fair. Geraldo even leans left himself. He just doesn't smear people left and right so people assume he isn't as liberal as he is.


You're not losing any freedoms - turn off the FOX Lies.


What freedoms are we LOSING ????? If we were to actually move to Socialism (we aren't)The freedom to starvethe freedom to die of curable diseases



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