Is Progressive Auto Insurance a good company?

Is Progressive Auto Insurance a good company?

I have several insurance quotes from State Farm and Allstate, and Progressive beats the price by almost half. But, when something looks to good to be true, it probably is. Is this good insurance? Are they good with claims?


Cars are insured according to the engine size, weight etc. I think all Insurance companies are charging the same amount for similar cars for insurance. You can take either a comprehensive insurance or a third party insurance according to your requirement.,.. So if you want cheap insurance go for third party insurance i.e no insurance coverage for car but in case of accident only the third party (the party who has been affected by your car) will get compenation.Source(s):happy cinquicento owner


Do you have any idea if you are paying the lowest premium possible for your auto insurance? The truth is that every auto insurance company has its own way of rating people. One company would favor good drivers with no driving violations, but it charges more if you do have driving violations. Another company would favor drivers with some driving violations, but charges more if you are a good driver. Another company would favor people with excellent credit score, but charges more regardless of your driving record.The only way you can find out if you are paying the least amount for your current auto insurance is by getting bunch of quotes from various companies. I use Primerica Secure to get multiple quotes and was able to save $450/year on my auto insurance. I now have auto insurance with 21st Century instead of Travelers (which was my previous auto insurance). If you want to contact the agent who showed me Primerica Secure, just send me a message in my Yahoo Answers Profile.Anyway, there's no need to be attached to your insurance policy. If there's a better deal out there, why not take it? If you are paying the lowest possible, then keep it and do another quote when you renew your policy again because rates do change often by insurance companies.


The difference between companies is actually pretty negligible for the most part. All insurance companies which are admitted into your State are regulated by the same laws and enforcement agencies. You can find people who have had good experiences with each company, and those who have had nightmare experiences as well as websites dedicated to expose the downfalls, real or perceived, of each and every company.To exacerbate the problem we have had recent mergers and purchases of one company by another. GEICO and Travelers are trying to merge, Safeco was purchased by Liberty Mutual, 21st Century Insurance was purchased by Farmers.With that being said, my advice to you would be to pay more attention to what coverages you purchase and the costs rather than the name on the letterhead, because it can change without notice. When shopping for insurance remember not to be ‘penny wise and pound foolish’. In many cases the difference between being properly insured and under-insured is just a few dollars – you might save now, but regret it later.


They're not as good as SF or Allstate, but hardly HALF as good. In other words, you'll get marginally better service, but not enough better to justify the higher cost, IMHO. Hope this helps, all insurance companies are inherently evil, lol.


I've been with them for three years now and haven't had any problems. I used to have safe auto and progressive was even cheaper with much better coverage.Source(s):3 yr. progressive customer



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