Is the Electric Insurance company a good company for home owners insurance?

Is the Electric Insurance company a good company for home owners insurance?

They have an "-A"- / Stable rating from AM Best, which is very good. This grade is from June 12, 2007 when it was upgraded to the "-A"-.Based on their website, I would guess they are mostly a personal lines company (Auto, Home, Renters, etc) but also have a commercial auto division.Their AMB # is 002146Their NAIC # Is 21261They are domiciled in Beverly, MABased on nothing more than the "-A"- rating, I would say it is a good company. If you are really interested you can do more research using the above numbers.Good Luck.Source(s):…


I can only speak from the healthcare side. Slow or no response from service reps or not paying any claims. They would not be my choice again for coverage.Good Luck! Report Abuse* You must be logged into Answers to add comments. Sign in or Register.Other Answers (1)My Pits A Lover Not A FighterMember since:May 08, 2007Total points:8,518 (Level 5)Add ContactBlocknever heard of it


never heard of it



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