Is the Nissan Quality Guard Plus warrenty worth the money?

Is the Nissan Quality Guard Plus warrenty worth the money?

I just bought a used vehicle from Nissan. The extended warranty Quality Guard Plus costs about $1,500. But it covers a lot. Is it worth the money? It does come with extras like towing and car rental and etc...Someone please help! If you have bought the warranty or if you work at Nissan tell me if its worth it.


if you are planning to keep it for a long time then yes it is worth it, if you drive alot of miles your warranty will expire quicker. so for 1500 is worth it,


Secutity Plus Gold Preowned Nissan Warranty is the one. Automotive break down protection at it's best. Some will argue, I have Universal Underwriters insurance that allows me to take my car to any repair shop. My thoughts if I am paying for a new car 430 a month I do not need a 1,000 repair bill during the payment period. After The factorySource(s):Nissan Master Tech


No, no and definitely no!None of these additional warranties are worth anything. They will make you run from pillar to post to get any thing done.Your auto insurance should cover towing and rental. Plus you need the cheaper AAA Plus which will cover towing up to 100 miles.Remember, the AAA Plus is applicable in whatever car you are at that time, not just the car you own!



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