Is there a fee for canceling a safe auto insurance policy?

Is there a fee for canceling a safe auto insurance policy?

I got a car, and got it insured through safe auto. 2 days later I totaled my car. Now I'-m obviously poor (I mean c'-mon.. I have safe auto lol) so I'-m basically wasting money that I don'-t even have to pay my damn insurance bill. So if I were to cancel out the policy, what would the repercussions be?


if you cant drive car and insurance has done al they going to do yes sure no fee or finesmight have to turn in plates check your state


nothing......other than will b very hard to get re-insured when u get another fact u will get the difference of unused premium back........unless wreck was ur fault then u probably won't.......but basically unless ur not planning on driving anymore u should probably keep ur policy cas if u don't will cost u a lot more to get new policy due to ur recent wreck....


You do not have to continue to pay for insurance after your car has been totaled......Unless, you have one of those "rip-off" deals where the insurance company "loans" you a years insurance premiums and then allows you to pay it back to them by the month. If you have one of those goofy set ups, then you have to keep paying until the "loan" is paid off.It is always cheaper and better to buy and pay for your insurance in advance with either a 6 month or 12 month premium. Stay away from monthly insurance payments...



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