Is there a legal limit to the amount of horsepower that a street-legal automobile is allowed to have?

Is there a legal limit to the amount of horsepower that a street-legal automobile is allowed to have?

I know that insurance companies will either make you pay a fortune or will not insure you if you have an auto that is overpowered or considered too fast in the U.S. For example: Porsche 959


Insurance companies definitely watch out for insuring cars with high advertised power ratings. For the most part, I believe they are looking at power to weight ratios, but some I am sure stupidly look at only the bottom power figure.To get the best deal, you want to shop around with various companies. One trick is for you to have other cars to use as daily drivers. Another trick is to buy a car with a lower figure, say a 3.8 liter Monte Carlo and modify it. Although a company will usually ask when you register the car the first time, I have not seen many which ask you each year whether you added a turbocharger. However, if they do, I cannot encourage you to lie.They are getting smarter however. When I registered my Corvette, I didn't advertise that it was a Z06. The VIN gave it away. Fortunately my agent cut me some slack- he's a car nut too.


No legal limit, just the limit of your wallet.-Chris


While the above is true, I believe in CA there is an 800 HP limit. It is probably different state to state.



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