Is there a list of rankings of top car insurance companies? What is a good car insurance company?

Is there a list of rankings of top car insurance companies? What is a good car insurance company?

I'-m shopping for car insurance and want to look for reviews of all the major companies out there. I want competitive prices, but good customer service is top priority, such as not trying to find a way out of paying me if I have an accident and not raising my rates without my knowledge like some companies are rumored to do.


You need to look for financially sound companies who have a great rating. Look to AM Best, Moody's, Weiss. These are all independent companies who rate insurance carriers based on their financial strength.The largest insurance carrier in the country is State Farm Insurance. The second largest is Progressive, followed by Allstate.The highest ranking companies based on overall claim satisfaction and customer service is USAA, but you have to be military or a military officer to get their best premiums. Of course, you don't get an agent.Geico spends the most on advertising, but they also have a reputation of losing customers very shortly after the first or second renewals. Their quoting practices don't include running your driving record or your credit. So, you get a great rate up front, then you get the whammy when you renew.There are many, many other carriers. All of which rank quite differently from one another and all of which have good stories along with bad. Bottom line, you want a carrier who can and will pay your legitimate claims. You need an agent. Only an agent will be trackable and accountable to what you're told.Happy researching.Source(s):Owner of an insurance agency. Twenty one years experience.


Look, very few companies try to "find a way out of paying you". All those stories you hear, are about people who tried to find a way to trick a lower rate out of the insurance company, and they got caught. It doesn't HAPPEN that way.Not all insurance companies write in all states. No one ranks them, by "good", as it's SO subjective. But you CAN check with your state insurance department website, to see which companies have the most COMPLAINTS. In general, State Farm writes the MOST auto insurance policies in the USA, and has the lowest PERCENTAGE of complaints. I also think that USAA does a bang up job, but you have to be active military or police, or retired military, or child of a retired military person, to qualify.


Consumer Reports has such ratings.


I think you find that out by trial and error. Different companies are better in different states. They all raise rates if you are at fault in an accident but they don't have to stay high. After a period of time, they usually come down again. It is private enterprise so they can do whatever they want.I have the AAA and their rates were lower for me. I know someone who has Progressive and also has a good rate.


One note about these sites that compare:They are out to advertise their companies.Ex: Go to progressive - they will tell you that Geico is more expensive.Because they want you to buy progressive.If you see progressive as cheapest in one of these - you can bet progressive is paying for advertising.Geico does not pay any site so it will show that they are the cheapest.Go to Geico - get their 800 number.My experience - the site gave me a higher quote than what I got in the phone.Save coverage.I called 10 different places - Geico was the cheapest by far.Also try Century 21 - they may not be as good - but they may be cheaper.Call - don't do it online.Remember that they will check your credit reports.It will be a good idea to pay your credit cards in full each month if you have any.Had accident - Geico was there for me. No complaints./



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