Is there a significant difference in auto insurance rates when males turn 25 years old?

Is there a significant difference in auto insurance rates when males turn 25 years old?

I had a friend who worked in auto insurance for a few months, he said that it is all a myth, which is hard to believe. I live in California, and I wanted to get a nicer car when I'-m older but insuance is going to be a killer.


25 is the magical age for insurance companies. For a single male, this moves you from high-risk to the low-risk category...cause now you really know how to drive. :)


Your rates will drop as you get older and create a good record of safety- I'm not aware of any policy that states 25 is some magic number, mine didn't change too drastically at that time.


your friend is right, its a myth. your rates get lower the longer you are licensed and have a clean driving record.Source(s):agent


I did get a rate reduction at 26. But then I started driving late because my parents didn't want to pay the insurance.The rate reduction is not hugh, but there is a rate reduction after 7 years behind the wheel. There's additional rate reductions based on marriage, and profession.The best way to get the best deal is to shop around, as with anything that you're purchasing, if you do the work and shop, you'll be able to get the best deal possible.



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