Is there a way to REPORT a mercury insurance agent to headquarters?

Is there a way to REPORT a mercury insurance agent to headquarters?

This guy has been giving me nothing but trouble. And I'-m sick of dealing with him and him taking me for a ride. He'-s stalling and will not send me the papers to cancel my auto insurance., etc. There'-s more to the story but I want to cancel it, but he'-s stalling so that I do have to.


Cancel directly with Mercury, not with the agent.


speak with his supervisor. or ask to speak to someone higher up.try going on their webpage too if they have one.


Go into his office and cancel your policy. Usually a secretary can do that if the agent is not there. Usually you get better service when you deal with someone in person.Or...when the policy comes up for renewal - don't pay it. It will cancel on its own for non-payment. Just make sure you have another policy with another company in place.If it's really that bad - file a complaint with your states insurance department.


Yes. Go to the company's website and get their head office address and phone number. Write a letter with all of your complaints, stating that you want to cancel. Send a copy (cc) to your agent as well. If there is a customer relations number, call them to ensure you have the right address and ask if there is a customer relations manager that you can cc as well. State in the letter that you expect an answer by some suitable date (e.g. one week after receipt of the letter) and that you will follow up with a phone call directly to head office, as your agent has not been professional or responsive.Make sure your letter is well-formatted (check Word for templates) and spell-checked. Be clear and succinct and it will have a very strong impact.


You can file your complaint directly with Mercury, AND with your state insurance department website. Send him a letter, in writing, stating the date you want the policy cancelled - certified, return receipt. Keep a copy of the letter. And send a copy, with the proof of receipt, to your state insurance department.Source(s):agent, 21+ years



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