Is there a way to verify if someone is covered by auto insurance?

Is there a way to verify if someone is covered by auto insurance?

My daughter was in an auto accident where the other person was at fault. The insurance policy that she gave was canceled a little over a month ago. Is there some way we can check to see if this person has a new policy some where else? The car she was driving was a 2008 so I would assume she has a loan on it and that would require her to have full coverage.


Okay, follow most of the advice car253 gave you. But ignore the advice that you, or your insurance company can't find out. You can't, it's restricted to you under the Drivers Privacy Protection Act (Federal law, 18 U.S.C) but under exceptions, B:6: it clearly states:(6) For use by any insurer or insurance support organization, or by a self-insured entity, or its agents, employees, or contractors, in connection with claims investigation activities, anti-fraud activities, rating or underwriting.So yes indeed, your agent can get that information and assist you in collecting.


Their having insurance now won't help you at all- if they had no insurance at the time of the accident, you're out of luck, and they'll have issues with the DMV. (Have you filed a police report with your insurance verified? If the other driver doesn't file a "matching" report, their license can and should be suspended.)Your auto insurance should include uninsured/underinsured driver coverage, which will pay for your injuries and damage, with a deductible on the damage portion- ask your agent about it.


There is no way for you or your insurance company to know.Your insurance company will either call her or if you got her license plate number, they will send her a letter asking for her insurance info.Now, it is important to know if you have collision insurance or uninsured motorist coverage on your auto insurance. If you do then let your insurance company fix your car. Then they will go after the other party for reimbursement. And, your right she probly has insurance since she was driving a newer car.You do not need to do any of the work. Your claim rep does all that for you. That is what you pay them for. So, keep in contact with the claim rep and ask them if they are called her or sent letters to her asking for her info. Also, ask them how many days they give the other party to respond.If you have any problems, contact your agent for help.



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