Is there an insurance company that has non-owner policy?

Is there an insurance company that has non-owner policy?

I attend a church and they are asking people if they want to help out by being a driver on Wednesday nights. But I need to have an auto insurance to drive their van. I have found out that there is a type called non-owner insurance policy or non-owner SR22. I need more information on whom can cover this type of policy.


You did not mention your state, and state laws do vary from state to state.I live in Minnesota. Auto Insurance is mandatory by law, which means the church would have to have their own auto insurance covering the van. And remember, insurance follows the vehicle.Anyone who drives the van with permission is a “permissive user,” and that means they are insured under the van’s auto insurance policy.Your personal insurance does not come into play, except as “excess” coverage. That means if the van has a policy limit of $300,000, and if an accident happened that exceeded that limit, then your personal auto insurance would cover the next layer. But that rarely happens.I am guessing who ever told you that at your church does not fully understand how insurance works. Are the laws different in your state?Source(s):====================SOURCE:I used to drive the BUS for my church back when I was in college. We picked up the college kids at Bethany College and Northwestern Bible College to bring to church.


Nope, that's not at all how it works.A commercial policy, like the kind a church has, does NOT list individual drivers. So you do NOT need a personal auto policy to drive their vehicle.And, pretty much the only place you can get a named nonowners policy, is through your state assigned risk fund. Most agents won't write it. And, it doesn't cover you for any vehicle regularly available for your use, or owned by you or a household member.



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