Is there any way to get around going to jail for 3rd time DWI in NC?

Is there any way to get around going to jail for 3rd time DWI in NC?

3rd conviction- first was a DUI i heard there is a minimum 30 day sentence. Curious if there is any loopholes or alternatives to going to jail. No negative slap-on-the-hand answers please.


North Carolina Third Offense DWIA North Carolina third offense DWI is a Misdemeanor offense. A third offense conviction carries the following fines and penalties:Jail time: The minimum jail sentence for a third offense conviction is 14 days or up to the maximum jail sentence of 2-years. The length of the jail sentence term beyond the minimum will be at the court's discretion based upon the circumstances surrounding your case and all previous convictions.Fines: The maximum fine amount for a third offense will be up to $2,000 plus court costs. At the court's discretion they may order you to just serve jail time versus paying any fine amounts. Even if the court orders you to serve jail time in lieu of any fines, you will still have to pay any court costs.License Revocation: The mandatory revocation period for a third offense violation is 4-years if there no previous convictions within the past 5-years. If you have had at least one other conviction within the past 5-year period your license will be revoked for life.Before the North Carolina DMV will reinstate your license following your revocation period you will be required to show proof of financial responsibility in the form of a North Carolina SR22 insurance policy that meets the states minimum auto insurance liability coverage limits.DWI Assessment: You will be required to have a DWI assessment done, the cost of the assessment is currently $100.Ignition Interlock: Third time offenders will be required to install an ignition interlock device on their vehicle prior to having their license reinstated. The installation and monthly service costs of the device will be at your expense.Source(s):Police Officer +30 years


get a good laywer pronto. and move up here to the Northeast. sorry but having been down south, many laws are so @-s-s backwards. best of luck and hang in there. things will turn out ok. now start looking for a good lawyer and get funds together for a retainer fee.


Hopefully not ... but if you spend enough cash on a lawyer they can probably get you some alternative.Get a good lawyer that specializes in drunk driving defenses (plenty of them in the phone book, lots of demand!) and take their advice.


no there is no way around itand if it is close to your last conviction plan getting more than the min and closer to the max


Yes. Pretty please stop drinking. Please stop breaking the law.*slaps you upside the head*


I am so glad I am not you.



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