Is there such a thing as "power of the attorney" to send medical bills to auto insurances?

Is there such a thing as "power of the attorney" to send medical bills to auto insurances?

NEW JERSEY - This is regarding an attorney'-s client who is a "-motor vehicle accident"- patient in a Rehab Center. Now, the PARALEGAL from the attorney'-s office seems like she wants to speed up the reimbursements and wants to send the bills herself, expediting it using the "-power of the attorney"- and is DEMANDING the ITEMIZED bills and the medical records of this patient from the facility. Is this right? Shouldn'-t the proper procedure be billed by the medical provider'-s biller sending the approved Health Insurance Claim Forms, with the attending provider'-s signature and the medical records?


It depends on who's insurance company you're talking about.If it's a payment request from the CLIENT'S auto insurance carrier, that's fine, and they can do that. But the client (or their attorney) cannot "bill" someone else's insurance. They can only demand money.No doubt part of the agreement between the client and the attorney, includes a power of attorney, and the attorney (or their representative) DOES have not only the right, but the NEED to get medical records and detailed billing, as part of disclosure for the proposed lawsuit.In any state with no fault benefits, the auto carrier with med pay is the one who's responsible - not the health insurance carrier.



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